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About Us

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” said George Bernard Shaw

Magicomeal is an initiative started by two MBA graduates i.e Mr Alok Mody and Mr Rahul Agarwal who strive to ensure that mumbaikars enjoy their daily meals. Working in corporate for months, one thing that we felt missing was good healthy food. Bored of eating canteen’s unhygienic food or ordering from restaurants which used to be oily, spicy and big on one’s pocket, it prompted us to come up with an idea of supplying healthy & delicious home-made style food.

Once we were sure we want to start our venture, we left our job and spent 6 months in research, recruiting the best chefs, designing of packaging material, understanding the food requirements of different age people via questionnaire, testing a large library of recipes. Magicomeal was finally launched on 4th January’ 2010. Since then we have been growing steadily through word of mouth and now have a healthy base of 1500+ clients.

Constant feedback from customers to provide catering service in their office or at home, prompted us to get into catering service. Here, we wanted to do something different from the conventional. Food prepared in any catering event can be tasty but is very oily. We at Magicomeal realize the importance of good food i.e “taste combined with health” and thus our efforts are constantly focused towards providing meals that are healthy, nutritious, hygienic and last but not the least finger licking tasty.