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Executive Trays

Executive trays now make eating an even more enjoyable experience with our unique design and advantageous features

Wondering what it could be? Well, it is something which would save you from the boring chore of packing and washing dishes.

Still no clue? Ok, imagine this. There is a meeting in your office and you need to make a host of arrangements right from finding a caterer to arranging space for cooking & serving. And to top it all, they charge you a bomb. Now picture this. You just dial our number, sit back and enjoy! The guests rave about the food and praise you to the skies. The party ends and you go home without worrying about the mess, as there is none. Perfect, Right??

Our new offering is disposable food trays with the cuisine of your choice, be it Punjabi, Chinese or Italian and enjoy a completely hassle free meal. An Executive Indian Meal contains 2 veggies, dal, rice, rotis, sweet, snacks & pickle. You can avail it at Rs.200.

So, try it out once and you would realize for yourself that our food trays are an ideal solution for all social events, be it a corporate function, an outbound, an exhibition or a party at home. Our use-n-throw plates are also a great way to make your travelling easier. Now, you can carry tasty food in our disposable plates and not beat up yourself over having to eat the outside eatables which may not be hygienic.

So, when are you getting some for yourself?

The trays offered are:

  • >Attractive and easy-to-use
  • >Microwave friendly
  • >Hygienic
  • >Spill-resistant